A Different Perspective on the Phrase “God is in Control”

It is interesting as you grow older that certain phrases, sayings and even verses can seem to annoy you and become cliche. This is especially true in the year of our Lord 2022 when it seems like the proverbial deck is stacked against the younger generation. I could write an entire library of issues facing the millennial and zoomer generations from the student loan crisis, to the insane demonic forces that is hellbent to keep the next generation sexual broken via perversions in sexual norms. To do so would take too much space in this article. What I do want to talk about is the phrase “God is in control” which is usually spewed out by the baby boomers. 

To be truthful, yes, indeed God is in control of everything. Scripture clearly establishes that God is sovereign over everything. God’s purposes always happen, the Lord establishes our stepsHe is in the heavens and does as He pleases. God is omnipresent and the creator of the Universe.

The problem I have when the older generations say that “God is in control” is that it is a catch-all phrase to “pass the buck” or to dismiss all the damage they have done to the western world. To someone like myself of the millennial generation, this has become a rallying cry by older men, to refuse repentance on the choices they have made. Indeed, there are older baby boomers out there in the spirit of King Hezekiah who became selfish the last 15 years of his life and relished the fact the judgment God was going to give his household would not come in his lifetime. After all, as long as the younger generations pay for social security, who cares what happens to them or what type of damage that would leave? 

I think it is easy for a millennial to pass judgment like this. But who is to say that in the future we won’t have that same thought in mind? I guess this is the same for every generation that has passed by. After all, the Pharisees created beautiful tombs for the prophets that their fathers killed, and ended up killing the ultimate prophet and messiah, Jesus Christ. The sins of our fathers will visit us, and we all will commit the same sins of selfishness and hard-heartedness.

So this leaves us with the phrase “God is in control” and how it relates to the present age. For a long time I considered this a backhanded verse to dismiss any form of taking responsibility for the current state of affairs, but recently the Lord has been working with me to open my eyes on a different perspective on how older men say this phrase.

I was recently with my church family and we talked about our various family issues. All of us can relate to issues with our siblings and how our parents relate to them. Some of us scoff how our parents can baby one sibling, or treat one sibling this way, or another that way. As brothers and sisters in a family unit, we can point and blame our parents or the older generation. Some of it can be warranted, others need rebuking. The fact is, it is hard being a father and a mother. It is especially hard when a son or daughter goes rogue and commits grave and dangerous sin. It is even harder being a parent, and knowing that your child is living a sinful lifestyle. It is hardest being a father of a child who denies Jesus Christ all-together, walks away from the truth, and lives in sin constantly.

This was the story of one older brother in Christ, who told the story of his son, how this son of his fell into a lifestyle of drugs and sexual degeneracy and denied the faith all-together. This father tried everything: Rehab, preaching, counseling, threats of damnation, how he was hurting his other siblings, how he was hurting himself, and warnings that he will die if he continues on this path. Ultimately, just like in the story of the prodigal son, he had to let him go his own way, and ended up kicking him out of the house, and cutting him off from the family to protect his other siblings. 

I know that some of you might criticize that story. I know some of you might point the finger at the father and blame him, just like how some of Job’s friends pointed the finger at him and his misfortunes. Maybe this happened because of the sins of the father, and maybe it didn’t. Maybe it is just some random circumstance. Maybe the son is a vessel created for destruction. Maybe this is all a part of God’s plan. I know all of these possibilities were swirling in the meat-skulls of my church’s conscience. Judging, pondering, and discerning. But as this father was telling this story, in the end he told us that he had comfort, because in the end, God is in control, and His will, and His will alone, be done.

To say I was convicted is an understatement. It dawned on me that all this father had right now, in regards to his son, was prayer and fasting. He gave his son to God. This father was stripped bare, tried every avenue, tried every trick, everything he could to save his son. He was angry, saddened, hurt, and broken. But what gave him strength to continue forward in life was God. What gave him courage to stand the currents of life and trials was his faith that this will all turn out for good. He came to the realization that his son was now a man that can choose his own path in life, but as for himself, the father will choose to serve the Lord and will tirelessly pray and fast for him because God is in control and God is good, and God is love. The father was thrown in the fire, and his faith is coming out as gold. 

Do we, as millennials, honestly believe that when boomers say that “God is in control,” that it is a scoffing statement of unrepentance? Or maybe, just maybe, if we get our heads out of our predicaments, if we just open our eyes, ears and hearts to what they are actually saying, that it is a rallying cry to the gospel? That in the end, it will turn out for good? That it is a statement that they will trust in the Lord no matter what?

Do we honestly believe that older followers of Jesus Christ can’t see the current times and just how bad it really is? We (millennials) are a generation of perilous times. We have become lovers of ourselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to our elders, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanders, no self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasures with no love of God, we claim a form of godliness but deny its power. Marketing has corrupted our minds. Social media has become our folly. The internet has turned our women away from wholesomeness, and men consume pornography like a sojourner consumes water in a desert. We have faith in mindless rubbish, vain theology and hollow philosophy instead of the Word of God. The same of this can be true of the boomer generation, the zoomer generation, and of every generation. But we have got to come to the realization that no matter what the current forces of the times throw at us, this is our current spiritual situation as millennial believers. 

Is it no wonder that elderly parents who have thrown the book on trying to turn us from our broad paths to hell, have no choice but to get on their knees and cry out to the Father in the name of His Son for strength and guidance as they go through this terrible storm? That they have no choice but to fast for two weeks and bloody their knees in prayer for a breakthrough? That all they can do is give the situation with their sons and daughters to God? Yes, the spirit of King Hezekaih is in some of them, but to others, the phrase “God is in control” is a statement that they will fear no evil as they spiritually walk through this dark valley. This is a statement of faith

There will come a point in our lives where we will be broken by the tides of life. As we grow older, our sins will break us. As we age, our inequities will pile up until they almost drown us in despair. There is a time and a place for everything, both good and especially bad. No one will escape trials. Our selfish dreams will turn to nightmares. Our desires will turn into monsters. Angels of light will turn out to be demons in the end. The work we have done will turn into dust. This is the fate of every man under the sun. It has been that way ever since Adam chose to sin. Because of this, it is destined that all men will die. Both mighty, weak and every mundane person in between. When this happens, what will we choose? Will we choose to double down on our sins? Will we choose to become beasts? Will we become monsters? Will we continue to grasp at the idols we have constructed? Or will we choose to come to the Father in the name of His Son? Will we choose to repent of our sins? Will we choose to trust in God and His plan? Will we choose to learn from our past, sit down, rest, and be taught by the ultimate teacher of life, which is God? Will we learn to pray to God and trust His ways? Will we change our minds and believe the good news of the gospel? Will we believe that our sins, past, present and future, have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ? Will we have faith in Jesus Christ and His Kingdom? Will we believe that there will be a new heavens and new earth just around the corner, where there will be no curse? 

Sure, we can debate the nuances of saying that God is in control. We can debate on if God is or isn’t the author of evil, or why does He allow bad stuff to happen, or if any of this really matters because of a calvanistic view on the statement that God is in control. We can wrestle through all these questions. But there will come a point in a man’s life, a breaking point, where he will have to choose. He will either have faith in God or faith in something else. He will either receive salvation paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ, or he will try and pave his own broad path to hell. He will either choose spiritual life or spiritual death. He can either take the red pill and wake up to the truth and horror of this sinful age or take the blue pill and believe blissful lies as their sons turn to trannies and their daughters sell pictures of their bodies for five bucks on Onlyfans. One day, the debate will be over, the questions will cease, and time will be up. One day, as you are broken, you will need to choose who you will serve.

Joseph could of been crushed by the fact his brothers sold him to slavery, but by faith, he trusted God and his plan. He ended up becoming 2nd in command of Egypt, saved millions, and reconciled with his family in the end. Abraham trusted God’s plan and believed in his heart that God would be able to raise Issac from death, and indeed he did receive Issac back. Jesus Christ completely trusted God and His plan despite the trials he went through in His ministry and crucifixion and He was raised from the dead. Scripture teaches us that no matter what evil comes our way, no matter what trials rain down on us, and no matter what the circumstances, God works for the good of those who love Him. That what men meant for evil, God means for good. 

Creation has been groaning and suffering since the fall of man. In the same way, believers in Christ have been groaning in spirit, eagerly waiting for our adoption as children of God and the redemption of our bodies. The fact is we live in a fallen world and nothing can change that. But thank God that He is in control. And through His plan He provided mankind salvation by sending His beloved Son, the Lord Jesus, to die for our sins. Thank God, that because of the glory of His plan and unyielding love, He resurrected His Son from the dead, and now sits at His right hand with all authority in Heaven and Earth being given unto Him. The choice is ours how we view the saying that “God is in control.” Will you say this as a scoff? Or will you say it as a hope for a better tomorrow and a God that is all powerful and all loving? Will you have faith in your own plan, or faith in God and His plan?

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