Thank you for visiting this new blogging site! We hope that the content of this website will be edible for you and enlightening for your own journey with Christ. What we hope for in this mission is that the posts and articles on this blog will be challenging and make you think deeper as you renew your mind. We not only predict some of the content of this site will be controversial, but welcome it.

Whether you like it or not, there is a war going on for your soul and mind. This is especially relevant in the age of the internet where we have access to information at an unprecedented level never before seen in recorded history. As predicted in the Bible, knowledge is increasing, and as predicted in the scriptures, evil is increasing. However, as the forces of evil are hard at work wreaking havoc before their assured destruction, there is an uprising taking place. Many evangelicals may classify this as a “revival.” Whatever you may call it, there are many in this day and age of every age, background, race, and tribe taking the red pill and waking up to what is happening around them. Many are now realizing that everything an obscure Jewish preacher from ancient Judea 2000 years ago named Jesus said is coming true. Many are wakening to the realization that a special collection of old books, letters, prophesies and poetry called the Bible is getting magnified. And many are regurgitating the tired and old arguments, distractions and petty battles that have been plaguing Christendom in the west since the Baby Boomer generation got into the pulpits.

Many, yes many are doing what Jesus Christ has been preaching since the start of his own ministry; Repent and believe the good news.

The time of quarrels, lame “isms”, the obsession over proving God is real, the face-palming strategies in answering the LBGT question, the tricks and shilling to try and fill pulpits and debating over matters that produce cringe is over. The time to change our minds about life, humanity, the human heart, forgiveness, redemption, justice, sin, the struggle of life, sexuality, human relationships, life, death, and the character of God is now. The time of start believing in the redemptive plan of God almighty through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ is now. The time to start believing and studying on what true love and joy is, is now.

This is happening. The end is coming and it is time for the modern man to take the red pill and wake up to the truth about God and the world. The time is coming and has come, when God will judge the world and its evil deeds. The truth is this: God loves us in such a way that He sacrificed His only son, Jesus Christ, His only son that had no sin in him, that whoever believes Him in will not die, but have ever lasting life. It is time. Repent, and believe.

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