What Man Meant for Evil; Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Amazon

A friend of mine shattered his ankle.

It was a frigid and dreadful morning as my friend got an earful of his screeching cheap alarm clock he bought at Target. He arose out of his slumber, groggily looking at the time. 5:30 am, the clock read. But it was more like 5:25 since the clock was always 5 minutes off. He luckily did not awaken from any dream. He no longer gets them since his pineal gland is calcified due to copious amounts of Mountain Dew, Papa John’s, and foods fried in wholesome American vegetable oil. So some say he is blessed since he does not get any nightmares. But the truth is every night before he closes his eyes and gets a doctor-recommended 6:06:06 hours of sleep, he tortures his eyes by glaring at the blue light of Satan’s little helper, the smartphone, and lives in the nightmare.

He quietly does typical NORP stuff. He takes a shower in fluoride, brushes his teeth in fluoride, drinks coffee made of fluoride water (nothing like waking up with fluoride in your cup) and eats a hearty breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios to make sure he gets his daily sugar and carbs in. He puts on his uniform, combs his hair, and gets into his Dodge Challenger with a $666/month car payment (don’t tell Dave Ramsey!). Then, like a sheep to the slaughter, he rolls toward the interstate to join the other bugmen to go downtown to their respective hives to do the typical 9-5 jobs that they hate so they can buy rubbish they don’t need. Our friend turns on the radio because what should be a 30-minute drive will turn into a 2-hour drive thanks to an overcrowded city and DOT departments run by HR harpies who swear by the HR manual.

As he turns the dial, he is blasted with toxic sewage through the speakers of his vehicle. Vomit, excrement, and urine projectiles all over him. But no, my dear readers, this is not a literal interpretation; he is simply listening to another day of mainstream media BS. First, the radio blasts his mind with rumors of wars, which celebrity divorced from who, sportsball updates, threats of economic collapse, democrats vs. republicans, a forecast of sleet and wind, and news about America’s latest mass shooting. Then, when my friend is hooked to the radio’s hypnotizing sounds, the advertisements come in.

Usually, they are mostly ads for pills. Pills that can numb pain, pills that can numb the mind, pills that can dull your soul straight to Wonderland, away from harsh reality. Some pills can make you lose weight because to hell with exercise, you have to build that Baal replica in Minecraft. Some pills increase male vitality because you want to continue your daily diet of Michelob Ultra and pork rinds. There are pills to help cure baldness because no one wants to be like Elisha and be a mighty prophet for the Lord. And, of course, certain pills treat le erectile dysfunction because an unholy army of Instagram, Twitch, and Onlyfans THOTs armed with over 9001 sextillion pounds of fake-up and photo filters have warped your reality and scorched your brain.

Other times the ads are for electric cars that explode into fire. Some ads are for the latest cape-drek marvel movie filled with mindless snark and weak character development. Some public service announcements tell you to get the latest flu shot because they have to update the nanomachines in your body. This is in contrast to ads for Burger King, Mcdonald’s, and Wendy’s, telling you that to protect the environment, they will roll out a new menu of burgers made out of bug meat and soy by-products (eat the bugs slave). And then there are the advertisements to invest in gold. Because the world is ending, and the only way to save yourself and your wealth and survive the coming zombie apocalypse is to let Glenn Beck sell you gold coins you can barter like some kind of Skyrim character. Either way, the radio did its dirty deed and made my friend anxious enough to pursue the things of this world, which are passing away, instead of God.

My friend arrives at his grimy station to do his daily routine of moving cargo and boxes. Plain, brown, boxes. Boxes. Boxes everywhere. As far as the eyes can see, the station was covered with cardboard. Who knows what type of rainforest had to be sacrificed to pack a funko-pop to be delivered to some Neckbeard’s apartment lair. The smell of mold and wood pulp was everywhere; a leak must have been in one of the packages. Nothing is grosser than wet cardboard. But at least it does not compare to smelling dry ice’s sweet scent. Who doesn’t love dizziness, sweating, and vomiting to go with their work? Yes, my friend moves boxes all day, all the time. A cog in the capitalist machine and he handles the solid form of capitalism in the form of products, all wrapped in plain brown packaging filled with ghost turds and bubble wrap. Pure capitalism, going down the conveyor belt, being handled by the hive’s drones, and sent out to pollinate the lives, for better or worse, of the plebeians who ordered them off Amazon. This is the life of a commoner in the year of our Lord 2023 in Clownworld USA. Wake up, consume, drive to work, consume, do work, consume on union break, work more, consume, drive home, consume, watch TV with a hungry man dinner and consume more mainstream media rubbish, take some Zzzquil, consume smartphone, fall asleep, rinse and repeat. It’s the American dream as envisioned by Tyler Durdan.

But this was no ordinary day. On this day, God was going to throw my friend a curveball. As my friend was unloading more cargo onto the conveyor belt, he stepped off the platform and onto some broken concrete some mechanic guy did not repair due to a glitch in his union manual. My friend stepped unknowingly on the concrete and, in his shock, rolled his ankle. In a split second he felt the snap of his leg. He had ears to hear a crack, and eyes to see his crooked foot. The pain was incredible as he grits his teeth, ensuring his Thumm is in control so he does not blast out the words of curse and tear down the station with his filthy gamer mouth. As the managers picked up my friend with a fear of lawsuits in their eyes, and supervisors getting the company policy booklet instead of some ice for his leg, my friend sat there and looked at the swollen and bent mess of a leg. It was broken. His right foot shattered, his life at a complete halt. He could not drive, he could not walk, he was crippled. Hours later, after a trip to urgent care, my friend hobbled back to his house, with his only gifts for his misfortune being a boot, crutches, painkillers and the best of luck. It took him a good 15 minutes to get up the three stairs of his porch because, for some reason, he did not realize he could use the rails. Soon this porch would be a deathtrap if an ice storm came in and froze the intimidating porch stairs.

That first day was rough for my dear friend. He cannot walk, and he cannot drive. Nearly everything, from putting on pants to going to the toilet, is an unwelcome struggle. Down on his luck, he hobbled his one-legged self to his office, to his glowing box known to modern man as a computer. His wrapped-up foot in a nearly indestructible boot hit the side of the table as he panted in pain, almost unleashing a barrage of gamer words that would undoubtedly summon Beelzebub or at least give a pious Grandmother a fainting spell.

He turned on his computer, the blue light hitting his retinas, surely messing up his circadian rhythm and causing eye damage. My friend sometimes wonders if humans, in a future time after our NWO overlords have made us trans-human, will be immune to a computer’s light. In any case, my down-on-his-luck friend quickly went to Amazon, because as an America, he must get his consumerism on and scratch that consumerist itch propagated by the wonders of 1990s advertising. In his search, he ordered a very cheap but reliable wheelchair so he didn’t have to hobble around his house and destroy his armpits with crutches. He then proceeds to order a chair for his bath, four bottles of Dial body wash, and a scrubby. Next, he ordered weeks worth of groceries from Amazon fresh, including the usual beer, Oreo cookies, and caged eggs for $6.66 per dozen, thanks to inflation. He got all of this the next day to make his life much easier.

Of course, I write all this facetiously. My friend getting his leg broken was an unmistakable life-stopping event. But as he explained to me, the first thing he did once the dust was settled, and the doctor confirmed that his ankle was broken was praise God. It could have been a lot worse, according to the doctor, and indeed it could have. But God is in control of all things, and everything has a purpose. So my friend recognized this was possibly an opportunity to stop and reflect and get rid of things in his life. Along with being grateful for the things he does have. Such as a house, a family, and being in the year of our Lord 2023.

It is trendy among more cynical believers to poke fun and demean the current consumerist system that we live in. It is not hard once you have been red-pilled, to have this opinion that everything is getting worse and the current western economic system has made us all soulless. With this perspective, I often hear lamentations from both young and old about how they wish God would place them in a different timeline, one more simple and one more wholesome such as the 1950s, 1920s, or even farther back.

But let’s be honest with ourselves, is it a lousy timeline to live in? My friend and I often lament being stuck in the current era of Clownworld 2020s, but as my just-recently-crippled friend explained, he had a massive repentance moment when he suddenly lost his leg for a time. We live in an unprecedented era where if we become ill, or break a leg, or name any ailment that might happen to a man; With the push of a button, we can order a wheelchair, or groceries, or even summon a ride to the doctors office, all on one small phone, and have it to us delivered in a day or even 15 minutes. We can also communicate with family, friends or associates via Facebook, chatrooms, and get help quickly and update them about our condition. We also have systems and programs such as insurance and disability programs that can help that man or woman who is down on their luck and needs assistance. And this is all at breakneck speed.

Yes, we can bash the late-stage socialist/capitalist system the western world is currently living in, but it is also a blessing of epic proportions to live in this timeline and the now of things. We have clean water, and relatively clean food, and most people have a roof over their heads. We no longer die of diseases our ancestors died from. And instead of pulling your tooth out over an ache like in the past, you can just head to your local Walgreens to purchase some cheap Ibuprofen to help with that,

Then again, these are tropes we hear from boomers and such all the time. Most elders belly ache and gasbag how it was in “their day.” The past generation always had it rougher and groveled over the younger generation that is making strides in a more softer world. It is eye-rolling, but we are also living in unprecedented times when technology and the internet have made everything so fast and so at our fingertips. The early millennial generation was the last generation to remember what it was like to live without a computer. Still, even they were children and could not fathom what their computer would revolutionize other than playing Duke Nukem 3D or trolling people in chatrooms.

Now we have the zoomers and beyond, who don’t know a world without smartphones or a more personal, slow-paced world. Everything is at their fingertips. The potential and knowledge of the Library of Alexandria, knowledge of the old world and new, is in the hands of babes and of a generation that can’t fathom what the old ways were. We can communicate with someone half the globe away at instant speed, with translator apps that break the language barrier. We are living in the most interesting of times.

Like every blessing in life, God gives us a choice to do good or do evil. This includes economic systems and technological advances. It is easy for generations to rag on the current times completely; indeed, this is a wicked and adulterous generation. But as followers of Jesus Christ, we cannot be wrapped up in the negative aspects of the technological age; neither can we go back to the days of old and LARP like the Amish. Whether we like it or not, technology is here to stay, and as we move further in virtual reality and AI systems, they will have a more profound impact on our lives.

Mega-corporations like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google are not “evil” in the sense that we may believe with our Disney-marinated brains. Evil men may run them, but the plebeian buying or using their products ultimately chooses to do good or evil. The serpent in your TV might tempt you to consume copious amounts Pepsi, Doritos, and honeynut cheerios, but you have the choice when you are in the supermarket. You can buy the American slop or buy vegetables and red meat not made of bugs. The serpent might tempt you on the glowing stupid box to buy every pill for every problem, but only you have the choice to use pills for good or for evil.

This concept is the same with many technologies, companies, and systems. The internet has done unspeakable damage with the proliferation of pornography, depravity, and unbiblical disinformation. But God has also used the internet to spread the gospel and allow people to learn more about scripture through different website ministries. Just as Martin Luther transcribed the Bible from Latin to German and gave the scriptures to a more broader audience, so too has the internet given people a much deeper understanding of God’s Word, one that previous generations would have died for. The printing press may have been used to provide degeneracy and lies to the masses, but it was also used to mass produce the Bible and give people hope and truth to the masses.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we cannot arbitrarily pin evil on everything without first exercising discernment and getting to the bottom of what is the fundamental problem. Yes, debt-based capitalism has been used to enslave a generation to student-loans, credit cards, and other market-based debt, but God has also used it to facilitate the safer and more accessible life we live in. Yes, socialism has been abused by governments and charlatans to take advantage of the free dough. But God has used socialism to temper the negative accepts that come with living in a capitalist society, such as government programs that help people who are simply down on their luck. In the western world, we have better life expectancy, higher literacy, lower child mortality, less disease, and less hunger than ever in human history.

The problem with technology is that we still have a huge sin problem worldwide. Despite an age with less sickness and starvation, we are still sick in our heads and starved in our souls. The problems of the age of old are the same problems of the gilded age of technology. Despite human civilization’s advancement, we still have evil hearts that are desperately wicked and feet that are quick to do evil. In some ways, our technology is a judgment upon God who has decreed for all to take place to see if this generation would repent and turn to Christ if given all this opportunity for human advancement. Would man turn from his evil ways and do good? Or will he continue to grit his teeth in stubbornness and use the opportunity to craft evil?

We are also approaching the threshold of a generation that has never known life without the internet or social media. What are we to make of these things? Should we shun this new technology completely and become Amish, or should we dive head first into the unknown stuff only warned about in sci-fi novels? The problem is that too many followers of Jesus Christ that try to be as innocent as doves but are too naive to be shrewd as vipers. Disciples of Christ should always be willing to use new technology and systems to further the Great Commission and advance the Kingdom.

An example would be the current situation in regard to social media. Social media is toxic and chock-full of more evil than good. But is the answer to forsake these platforms to go to our own echo chambers? Gab and others like it might be useful to network with other believers, but it is constrained when it comes to spreading the gospel since all the “action” is on Twitter. Yes, Instagram, Tiktok, and other platforms like it are chock-full of more evil than good. But there is also an opportunity for more tech-savvy believers in Christ to spread the truth on these apps.

We always need to remember, and as the scriptures teach us, that what man means for evil, God means for good. God can always turn the evil of man upside down to fulfill His purpose and His will. This includes our current technological age. We can’t restrict ourselves from these platforms and technology without strong discernment and prayer on if there is an opportunity to spread the gospel.

I will concede that some may need to abandon these platforms. And there might be a day when we all must pilgrimage away from these systems due to actual persecution. It is already happening with censorship on the internet. What will happen to believers in Christ when banks refuse to do business with them because of their beliefs? What will happen when believers in Christ get jailed because they refuse to follow the LGBT butt-stuff agenda of the month? Paul was shrewd enough to use his Roman citizenship to his advantage until he ultimately paid the price for spreading the gospel. Likewise, we should be shrewd enough to take advantage of our opportunities to advance the Kingdom.

This leaves us with the start of the frontier known as AI and it’s future. Already, AI technology has the power to generate sermons and Bible-based essays. This opens the door to possible ethical issues. What is to stop a pastor from simply letting AI write a sermon for them? What will happen when a generation relies on this technology to teach them the Bible, instead of opening the scriptures and taking time to read it for themselves? It is bad enough that people get the most Bible-related teaching through shows like The Chosen. What will happen when they rely on AI to teach them the Bible? This is especially problematic considering the manipulation many programmers put in these AI bots to remove “undesirable” teachings. An AI bot is not truley “AI” in that it has a soul or is intelligent. AI is more of a gigantic and elaborate logrithim programed to produce complex answers. A so-called christian AI bot can produce a sermon, but what if that sermon is full of prosperity gospel nonsense, lessons on how the Holy Spirit is the spirit mother of the world, and preaching that buggery is holy? An American mind who has spent too many nights watching sci-fi movies and cartoons will think of these programs as smart machines with no wrong in them. But to the elect, these AI bots operate more in line of The Wizard of Oz. The AI bot is simply a puppet, or a giant illusion. Except the person behind the curtain is not a wizard, but a Silicon Valley trannie. 

If we cannot roll back time and LARP as the Amish, shouldn’t we start building our own platforms, markets, and technologies that will be exclusively Christian? Going off the grid is not a magic pill that will solve the current state of the church’s problems. Taking the red pill known as the Bible will reveal the truth and light the way back to the rock known as Jesus Christ. But the problem is too many churches are bickering about trite nonsense and political mumbo jumbo then focusing on the gay army knocking at their door and ready to take everything. If we, as followers of Jesus Christ, cannot love other followers of Jesus Christ, how will we stand together when real persecution comes and now it’s a life or death situation?

In some ways, this is why God allows persecution in the first place. To see who is fake, gay, cringe, or real, based and redpilled with the gospel. Sometimes there needs to be a trial by fire. Sometimes we need to be put to the test to see if we are really for Jesus Christ or against Jesus Christ. To see if we follow the Great Commission or the Gay Commission. A lot of western believers talk the talk. But can they walk the walk? If believers are not taking advantage of the system and instead submitting to it because they fear being kicked out of it, what will happen when your actual life is on the line?

Discernment, prayer and shrewdness will take advantage and exploit the current world system we live in to build safe havens for other believers in Christ while spreading the truth about God and His Son, Jesus Christ. What man means for evil, God can mean for good. And this is the true glory of God. God made the Earth and Heavens out of nothing. But God can also take the most evil of men and, through repentance, discipline, the blood of Jesus Christ and an indwelling of the Holy Spirit, give that man a new heart to love good.

We should not worry about the future so much in that we are constantly depressed or become gigantic buzzkills to the world. We should rejoice that God is in control of all things and that Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. There will be an ending to the old ways of life and the old order of things. In fact, to those who believe in Christ, that old state of their heart is already passing away and growing more into the image of the Son. What we should do in this present age is continue being watchmen. Waiting for the day Christ comes back, while taking advantage of whatever tools we have at our disposal to advance the Kingdom of God through preaching repentance and belief in the gospel. Do technology companies like Amazon do evil? Yes and watchmen should call them to repentance. But as followers of Christ, we also need to exercise discernment and recognize opportunity to help others and spread the news about Christ through these systems and companies. The question is, will followers of Christ take advantage of the situation at hand?

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