Resurrect my Dreams!

Author is anonymous

Father, deliver me, my dreams are shattered!

Deliver me from my sadness! 

Deliver me from this madness.

Deliver me from the darkness

Deliver me from my unfaithfulness

Deliver me from hopelessness

What can I do? There is darkness on my left and darkness on my right. There are many paths in life and all of them lead to destruction. From cradle to grave. From birth as we break through the waters, to the cold ground of hades as we return to dust. Death is the destiny of all men, and the path of destruction is broad. 

Men craft their dreams and hopes. 

Simple illusions in the minds and souls of those who bare your image. 

They do not seek your face, nor give you praise.

 Instead they chase after the wind.

Their lives are meaningless, meaningless!

They craft idols and chase after the lusts of their youth.

They are like a young man who creates wings out of wax

They climb to the highest heavens. 

To chase after the dream. To touch the very sun.

Yet as that young man ascends, the wax melts and they fall to the ground

Body broken, hopes shattered, a soul destroyed by life’s inequities

Are you not the God of dreams? Are you not the God who puts hope in men?

Why must men suffer? Why is life so brutal?

Men manipulate and plot. Their craft is honed in the shadows.

We go about our lives, in hopes to fulfill our goals and desires.

It is the dream we chase, and the dream we run to. 

But it is like the moon in the lake. A flower in a mirror. 

You can look at its brightness, and grab ahold of its light.

But in the end it is like grasping vapor, it goes right through the fingers.

Instead of the heavens, you fall into the inequities of the deep blue and drown.

Instead of beauty, you grab a facade, and all you can do is look in the mirror at yourself.

Life is foolishness, chasing after the wind, a grasping of air.

Is there any hope for our dreams and desires?

The knife is at the throat of my dreams and desires, ready to be sacrificed. 

Can any human bear the cost?

But you are not a God of broken promises, nor are you the God of hopelessness. You are the God that mends the broken hearts and wipes away the tears of the weary. You are the God of unending love. For since the beginning you have loved your creation. You are the God of deliverance, from the Fall of Eden, to the miracle at calvary you have crafted your salvation. There are ways that seem right to man, but all lead to death. You are the God of the right paths because you are righteous and holy. 

Father, deliver me from this depression in my heart, and this somber spirit in my soul. Instead of weariness, light a fire in me that burns and hungers for righteousness. Guide me in all the ways that lead to life. You are not the God of dead things, but of the living. Put in new desires, new hopes, new dreams and new goals in my heart. Resurrect my dreams! For you are the God of resurrection. A God of a New Heavens, and a New Earth, where no dream will ever be broken, and no hope will ever be shattered, because the things of old have passed away. And your Son will reign forever. 

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