Poem: The Lord is my Strength

The Lord is my strength, I shall not abdicate

He gives me rest when my body is weak 

He comforts me when my soul is in pain

He humbles me in the pride of my victories 

And uplifts my spirit in the agony of defeat

He disciplines me in the way, for His name’s sake

He trains me in the truth, for His honor

And plans the paths to life, for His Glory

Though I sail through the storm of life’s inequities

And charge through the winds of wickedness

I shall fear no evil, for You are with me

Your truth is the belt that hold me together

Your righteousness guards my heart and breath

My feet are equipped with your gospel of peace

Your faith is like a shield that protects me from attack

You put on my head a helmet of salvation

You train me with your Word, which is sharper than a sword.

Truly I will persevere!

The fiery arrows of evil have been quenched!

Your Son has overcome the whole world! 

Oh death, where is your sting?

The grave is no more!

I will not trust in my own strength but trust in the strength of God Almighty!

Through His Word alone he has slayed armies

Through His power he swept away nations into oblivion

Through His Son He has conquered the wayward world and the grave of sin

The battle is won! 

It is finished! 

Truly Christ will reign as King all the days of my life

And He will share the spoils of victory

Forever and ever….

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