A Poem and Prayer to God in Response to Anxiety.

By Anonymous

Father Father please help me!

This anxiety is overwhelming.

This fear consumes me.

It is like a great flame surrounding me.

It consumes me with all my thoughts.

I worry about the future oh Lord!

The only living God,

The Creator of the Heavens,

The Sculptor of the Earth,

I come before you anxious of tomorrow,

The enemy is at the door,

Great beasts surround my home,

Sin is always waiting to consume my very soul,

Why must we toil oh God!

The very ground that we walk is cursed.

We sow a plentiful harvest

We craft wonderful buildings

We build great houses and fortunes

But in the end everything is meaningless

The harvest does not satisfy

The buildings end up falling

And our fortunes are divided and scattered

Everything is vain

Everything is ashes and dust

You, oh Heavenly God

The creator of the beasts of the land

The sculpture of the birds of the air

You, God almighty expose the idols of the heart of men

The idol of the harvest

The false god of safety

The graven image of fortunes

For what is fear? What does it do to a man?

Fear exposes and cast light to who we really serve

What does a man really serve when anxiety about the future is upon him?

Father, father! I come before you in the name of your son!

I am in the storm, I am in the fire,

I am burning with the worries of tomorrow,

Death is on my doorstep,

Judgement awaits me

Please lift these clouds from me, from my soul

I am afraid

Father God, 

Creator of the sky

Creator of the sea

What is true treasure? 

Can anyone fathom it?

Can anyone truly see or comprehend the true riches you hold?

Is there anything greater than your Son?

Is there anything more powerful than your gospel of salvation?

Is there anything more precious than the blood of the lamb that was slain before the foundations of the world?

Why should I be afraid? Why should I worry?

You feed the birds in the air and creatures of the field

Am I not more precious than these?

How great are you powerful almighty God?

You who created Man from the dust of the ground and breathed life into him?

How great is the one true God?

He walks and parts the seas

He rebukes the storms 

He crafted the Earth with just His word.

But this is not what truly makes you great of Holy Father

What makes our Holy God great?

He is the comforter of our sorrows

He is the small voice in the storm telling us to rest.

His rod disciplines his children 

His staff guides our ways.

He anoints our heads with His Holy Spirit

The cups of our joy overflows

Love and goodness overflows to those who have faith in you

and follows your commandments

To believe in the name of your Son.

Yes God, please give me rest

Please give me comfort through this trial

Give me a spirit of meekness and repentance as I go through this trial

Craft this heart of clay into more of the image of your Son

To do away with the pride of my youth

And the idols of my flesh

Teach me to trust and lean more into you, God.

My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise

Teach me to enter into your rest, and to trust in your ways

Forever and ever.


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