What is the Red Pill?

The Choice

You might have heard of the term “red pill” and the blue pill” while on the internet. Both these terms come from the movie The Matrix, one of the greatest sci-fi/action movies ever made. What it means by taking the “blue pill” is that you are blissfully ignorant about what is going on in the world around you. You make your own truth, you live by your own facts, and live by your own rules. While on the other hand, taking the red pill means opening your eyes to the harsh reality about what is going on in the world around you. Though it is hard and tough, it has set you free to what reality really is, what the facts are, and what the truth is. Ever since the meme of the red pill arrived in 1999, it has grown into a common saying among many different groups of people searching for truth. It is especially popular on the internet where we all have access to unfettered, anonymous discussion and much information.

The idea of the red pill all stems from man’s journey to find the “truth.” What is the truth about the current state of affairs? What is the truth about our lives? What is the truth regarding the world? It is this journey on trying to find the truth that defines the “red pill.” Many people have tried to use the trope of the red pill to explain what exactly is wrong with today’s world, society, or the current state of affairs. Often people with agendas use the meme of the red pill to contrast with the “blissful ignorance” of those with an opposing view. People of every walk of life, of every world view, will often try to share their “red pill” to wake each other to their way of thinking, or their viewpoint of the matters at hand. The fact is, that this isn’t a left or right tactic as everyone of every “ism” of every worldview does this. Progressivism, conservatism, capitalism, socialism, communism, feminism, and many others, all of these views claim to have the red pill and the ultimate truth of the times.

So what is the ultimate truth of the matter? What is the ultimate and final red pill on all matters? The fact is that there is indeed an ultimate truth, a final red pill. This truth was a man. But not just any man. This man came, seemingly out of nowhere, and proclaimed and did many things. He proclaimed that all men repent and believe the good news. He performed many miracles, including giving sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, working legs to the crippled, healthy bodies to the sick, and rose people from the dead. (Luke 7:22) He claimed to be the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). He claimed to be the savior (John 3:17), the Christ, and the Son of God Himself (Mark 14:62). For this, He was tried for blasphemy by his own people, and executed by crucifixion. He then rose again from the grave after three days and proclaimed the forgiveness of sins and peace upon those who believed in his name (Luke 24:47). In his native tongue, they call him Yeshua Hamashiach, or better known as Jesus Christ.

The question of whether God “exists” is not up for debate because only people characterized with sinful lives believe that there is no god (Psalm 14:1). Nor is it the question of the age. The real question is how do we come to terms with the sin problem humanity has? How do we fix a broken world when mankind’s heart, at its core, is full of darkness. Is there hope for this world? Is there any chance for forgiveness for our own sins? Is there a chance for redemption? How do we get justice for those who sinned against us? How do we reconcile with our fellow man, and more importantly, reconcile with God? Who is God and what is his character? These are the true important questions of our time.

Saying that Jesus Christ is the red pill is not a political statement or an attempt to convert you to a religion called “Christianity.” There is actually deep meaning to what Jesus was saying when He claimed He was the way the truth and the life. This goes beyond any philosophy, world view, political affiliation or religion. The fact is, that you know there is something very wrong with this world. In fact, I guarantee there is probably something wrong with your life and your current situation. Something is missing, something is broken, and you can see it all around you. Only the Bible has accurately described what is going on, and what will take place in our future in our current world. In fact, the Bible is more relevant and red-pilling than any other time in human history. As evil and human depravity increases, the Bible is more magnified and convicting to the world as a whole. Jesus Christ is the “logos” or the Word of God. Jesus is the physical manifestation of God’s Word. He is the only begotten Son of God. Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ to reveal all truth about God and mankind.

It is written that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We look at the current fallen world we live in and see the ravishes that sin has brought. Wars and rumors of wars, depraved minds filled with every kind of evil, wickedness, evil, and greed (Romans 1:28). A world full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. We invent ways of evil. Our tongues are full of gossip, and slander. We are arrogant, boastful, and insolent. No understanding, no fidelity, no love and no mercy. Though we might not physically murder someone, we murder them with our tongue and writings. Though we might not sexually assault someone, we do so by consuming pornography, and inflaming every passion with our eyes. We are all enslaved by the power of money which has rooted itself so deeply in the world that it springs fountains of evil. We have a generation of the young enslaved by debt and a generation of old fearful that their own wealth build on sand will fall. The world is ravished by all types of sickness, cancer, disease, pestilence, and famine. There is an epidemic of mental illness, loneliness, heartbreak, depression and an identity crisis in this current age. There is an outbreak of every kind of sexual deviancy and confusion over our sexuality. Our hearts crave power and control over others. Riots, outbreaks of violence. A generation of envy and a generation of greed. A generation that kills the infant in its mother womb and abandons the elder in his last breaths. An age that calls evil good and good evil. And in the middle of this whirlwind that we reaped we have created weapons that have enough power to destroy the Earth many times over. The wages of sin is death.

This is the system that we have brought into the world. Though we try to bring order to chaos, our own fallen nature repeats the same cycle of sin over and over. Nothing is new under the sun. Nations rise, nations fall, tribes arrive and tribes eradicated, family bloodlines are built up and bloodlines are struck down. Nothing is new under the sun. The ultimate truth about our state of affairs is that humanity has a deep heart problem. No amount of works, no amount of policy changes, no amount of scientific technology and advances, no amount of philosophy or reason can help with man’s fallen nature. Instead of peace, we choose war. No one knows what true love is anymore. Nothing is new under the sun.

This is the truth of the matter. Because of the madness and sin ravaging the world, God, in his infinite mercy and justice, must judge the world. There is a coming judgment. A judgment so terrible, so beyond our imagination, that will be worse than any calamity that has hit the world. Because of our sins, because of the damage each and every one of us has done, God must bring his righteous judgment upon the world. Just as in the days of Noah, so to with this generation, that judgment will sweep across the land.

This leaves us with you. Yes you, reader. You are also under the judgment of God’s wrath. Each and every one of us has contributed to the fall, including you. One day you will die, and stand before a Holy and perfect God. You might not have murdered someone, but by your anger, you murdered someone in your heart. Though you might not commit adultery, but by the lust of your eyes, you committed adultery in your heart. The truth is you have lied and your heart is full of the pride of life. All your good deeds are nothing but filthy rags to a God that provides all things. You cannot take good deeds with you at the judgment. In fact, you cannot take anything with you at the judgment seat of God almighty. You will stand before him, and give account for everything you have done and everything you have thought. It is written that whoever keeps the entire law, and yet stumbles at one point, is guilty of breaking it all. 

And yet, this is the good news, the gospel. This is the truth, the ultimate red pill, regarding God and His plan for salvation. Though we have sinned and wreaked havoc on the Earth, For God so loved the World, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever shall believe in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Jesus Christ is the red pill. This is the gift of God, the perfect offering to give at the judgement seat. This is the salvation of all those who believe in God’s only Son.

We often take John 3:16 for granted and many have watered the famous passage down. The verse has become sort of a “starting point” to the religion known as western christianity. But when put in its proper context with the state of the world, this is a remarkable, and controversial statement. That God, though we have sinned, loves us in such a manner that He sacrificed His only son, Christ Jesus, for our sins. God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. This is the message that many fight and are martyred for. This is the truth. And this is the message that heals the broken spirit and gives hope to the broken hearted. Instead of John 3:16 being a beginning point, we must realize that this verse is the most scandalous in all of the sixty-six books of scripture. This is the center of all truth about mankind and the true character of God. This is the ultimate glory of God almighty.

Though we are not in a computer simulation like in The Matrix, in some ways we are. Satan has created a system designed to keep you busy and away from the truth of all things. Though we live in a nation that claims to be christian, the United States has turned into the modern day Roman Empire with sin running rampant along with the rest of the nations. The problem we have currently is the same problem we have had since the fall of man, that we don’t know God. Just as the Jews rejected the messiah, just as the gentiles executed Christ, and just as today in modern society, we choose to reject the true character of God and create Him in our own image. Instead of coming to the truth, society instead wants to take the blue pill and live a blissful lie, oblivious of any upcoming judgment or even their own death. Though the truth about God is all around them, they trade the truth for lies and live a blue-pilled existence. It is the same problem of creating idols in this world instead of worshiping the all true, all loving God. Nothing is new under the sun. This is the verdict: Jesus Christ is the light that has come into the world to bring truth. Yet, humanity loved the darkness and rejected the light because their deeds were evil. 0Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.

What you do with this information will be up to you. There are only two choices you have in life. You can take the blue pill, and believe whatever you want to believe, and create god in your own image. Or you can take the red pill, learn the truth, learn what God is really like and be set free. You can either take the broad path, and perish with the world, or you can take the narrow one, which leads to everlasting life. Truth is truth. God is unchanging. He is, was, and always will be. The truth about God, the World, the judgment, and salvation through Jesus Christ is unchanging. God is not a god of confusion and all knowledge has been given to you. God loves you, the reader, so much that he gave his only son, Jesus Christ, to the world to give grace and truth. And to sacrifice Christ for our sins. All who believe in the name of Jesus will be saved, but to all those who don’t, the judgment is already upon you. The time is coming, and has come, when God will judge the world once again. Christ will come back to establish His earthly kingdom. To heal all nations, to repair broken bodies, to wipe away every tear from every eye, to mend the broken hearted, once and for all. To bring forth a new heaven and new earth. There will be no more pain and no more death. The things of old will pass away. And He will reign, forever and ever. He is coming